Ask Him


Have you ever wondered what men’s thoughts are on relationship-y things? What does he look for in a girl? What does he look for in a relationship? Does he really care about the outfit I picked out? I know I have…and I wanted answers. But not just any answers. I wanted to ask men who I knew were good guys. You know? They open doors, they are respectful, they are eager to help…not only gentlemanly but also of good character. Sometimes it may seem like these kind of men (or people in general) aren’t easy to find. But they’re out there. And I think as women, it is crucial to remember that and not settle in the really important things in relationships. We need to remember our value and all that we can bring to a relationship, understanding that the right man will see and want that…but you don’t have to take my word for it. Read up on some of these [good] men’s thoughts and see it for yourself.

Ask Him: Feat. Nick

Ask Him: Feat. Andrew

Ask Him: Feat. Jack

Ask Him: Feat. Craig