Ask Him: Feat. Craig


So I realize it’s been a while since my last article for this segment…#slacking. Between getting sick multiple times over the past few months, the holiday season and life in general, my opportunity to interview men has been limited! In any case I hope not to go so long without another ‘Ask Him’ addition again.

Craig generously took the time to answer these questions, I’ve known him since I was about 12 or so and he is very dear to me. He is married to my aunt/godmother Carrie (who is also very dear to me).

One of my earliest memories of Craig is him asking my mom what kind of coffee maker to get Carrie as a gift (for some special occasion which I don’t remember); this was when they were dating.

This memory stands out to me I think because I was slightly in awe of the concern with which he asked my mom (while Carrie was in the other room) her opinion. It was such a thoughtful and sincere gesture that it has stuck with me since then. This instance turned out to be very representative of Craig and how he treats his now wife. He never fails to open the door, compliment her, and ensure a weekly ‘date night’ for the two of them. Plus he is still an excellent gift-giver. I am extremely thankful to have a man like Craig in my life, I wish every girl had the opportunity to see what they should expect from a man!

I could go on and on… but won’t because you can see why I love him for yourself! Here are Craig’s answers, happy reading!

What do you do? (For your job/profession):

I’m the regional sales director for the Southeast (10 states in general) for REACH Health. REACH Health is a telemedicine software provider, they help hospitals provide access to specialty treatment care for patients in rural areas.

What do you like about it?

I enjoy sales in general and the opportunity it gives me to work with different types of people. Mostly though, what I like most about telemedicine is that it really impacts peoples’ lives in a meaningful and positive way.

What do you like to do for fun?

Being active- weightlifting, working out, hiking… stuff like that. Plus I’m a big football fan (Roll Tide!)

What are some qualities you look for in a woman?

First and foremost, sense of humor. Especially if they can laugh at themselves. Also, intellectual curiosity- I like a woman who will challenge me regarding politics, religion etc. Being a good conversationalist is something else that is important to me; communication is so important in a great relationship. Plus someone who can interest you, while being funny and smart is a huge bonus.

My wife is an A+ on all of the above (and has a beautiful smile, to boot).

How do you show interest?

When I was dating (and now married) I was never big on ‘clubbing’ because I could rarely hear a word said; so for me coffee and dinner dates are the best way to get to know someone. It should be noted though, that I put time and effort in trying to come up with new places to go and booking the reservation…I don’t like the idea of just calling someone up when it’s date night and not having some plan of where to go, etc… Planning something lets her know you were on their mind.

What is something important to you to have in a relationship and why?

Rarely, if ever, does a day go by that my wife and I don’t spend at least 10-20 minutes just chatting about the day’s activities. It could be about work, kids, traffic… whatever. It’s just a great way to know where each other’s head is. This level of communication ensures that when one of us has something on our minds we are quick to notice it and address it.

What is something you admire about women in general?

I admire that women are typically less apt to a quick temper than men. So I think women are good in stressful situations to make the most rational, reasoned decision.

What are some things you’re looking forward to in the near or distant future?

My wife and I are going to Croatia in April. We’ve traveled to Europe many times before but not this far into Eastern Europe. I can’t wait.

As a father (and married man) what advice would or do you hive to your daughter regarding dating/relationships?

I just finished reading Megyn Kelly’s book ‘Settle for More.’ I think that’s a great way for my daughter -she’s 14- to look at dating and boys. I want to instill in her that she should be treated with respect and honor. Expect boys to open doors for you or pull the chair for you at a restaurant. Expect and settle for more. Do not compromise your beliefs for convenience.




Don’t you love it? Thankful for good men (who have the best sense of humor!).

Stay classy friends,





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  1. Very nice!!!

    To your conversation imagination!


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    On Thu, Jan 12, 2017 at 7:49 PM, First Class Act wrote:

    > Miranda Kate posted: ” So I realize it’s been a while since my last > article for this segment…#slacking. Between getting sick multiple times > over the past few months, the holiday season and life in general, my > opportunity to interview men has been limited! In any case I hope” >

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